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Were able to develope for just about anything that is digital and interactive.
Below are platforms we deal with the most, but even if your idea doesnt quite fall into any of them its worth talking to us about it.
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The web browser, that thing you use so much each day, that thing you’re using to look at this page right now. It’s capable of displaying so many different types of interactive material from games to social networks to HD video, the web browser can do it all.
“Daedalus” is capable of developing and designing these types of media for you.
The web is at the root of where things began for Daedalus some 12 years ago, when I first created an Adobe Flash animation. From there on things progressed to where we are now and we can now offer a wider range of technologies to develop for the web browser including HTML5, JavaScript, Java, php, Google App engine, JSON, XML.

The kiosk platform covers many things for Daedalus. In recent years we’ve gained a lot of experience in this division from special projects. These could be interactive museum installations, large touch screen information kiosks or it could be something as small as a Raspberry Pi used to trigger a web cam via a button press. These are all things “Daedalus” has done in the past and we continue to develop in new areas of technology.

If there’s anything in our digital lives that we use more than the web browser, it’s likely to be an app on our smart devices. Apps have taken our lives by storm. They help to make tasks simpler, our social and professional lives more organised and they entertain us when we have nothing better to do! Daedalus has the skills available to build bespoke applications to a client’s requirements. We’re able to deploy our apps to multiple platforms with ease using technologies such as Phonegap and Adobe Air. We can also offer native application development for Android coupled with the use of Googles app engine.


Unfortunately a lot of the work we have done in the past is of a top-secret, "hush-hush" nature.
We can only give some ideas as to what we've been up to!
Rest assured though if you choose to contact us, we can be a little more open about past projects!

Work under taken includes:
Public facing music services
Bespoke NFC card reading units
Interactive social networking displays in public enviroments


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SelfADay, is an app for the Selfie addict.

It doesn't matter where you are, what you are doing, if your using your device or even if its in standby... SelfADay WILL take a photo. The app aims to get a snapshot of what ever situation your in at that given time.

The app takes a front facing camera photo at a periodic time set by you. Or you can set the timer to "surprise" in which case a photo is taken at a random time in the day.



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‘The Last.FM’ app is a public facing application for a kiosk. It offers two key areas; Social Networking and a richer engagement with music. The app lets any ‘Last.FM’ user check-in with their username, no password is required. Once they do so they are free to download data relating to the music they have scrobbled to ‘Last.FM’. This data is then cross referenced with the kiosk music database and displayed to the user. In reality this is allowing a user to quickly find all the music they would normally listen to at home.
When a user first checks into the app, their own personal home page is rendered on screen showing their Last.FM friends and local music events.


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This is a Twitter Application developed for a kiosk used in a public space. The application allows the owner to set up a specific Twitter username and hashtag. Once entered, the kiosk displays the relevant Twitter timelines. The app is made interactive via a touchscreen that allows the user to scroll up and down the display.
The app was developed and designed in Adobe Flash/Airand makes use of the Twitter API


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The Flicker app was developed for a public kiosk. The user is able to navigate through photos via a touchscreen. The app was developed in Adobe Air and makes use of the Flicker API.


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This was a small, but very engaging micro site. The Backugan franchise had some great media to work with which in turn allowed us to add some really slick transitional effects to the site.



portfolio icon of Googly face

With ‘Googly Face’ for Android you can put a face on anything. Googly Face allows you to take a photo with the device camera or use a saved photo. You're then free to place eyes, ears, hair and noses on the photo to make it come alive. Save your photo out and share it on social networks.
Googly Face was developed using the Corona SDK. It is currently only available for the Android platform but we do have plans to make it available on the Apple app market. The beauty of working with the Corona SDK, means that very few changes will need to be made to port it to IOS.



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This is a really simple application to use. Every app we download for creating lists and notes seems to be bloated with functionality that we rarely use. So we have built this type of app to show how we can make it less complicated. With Simple lists you can have a list created with items added to it in seconds. We also wanted to easily see which points to a list were completed, so each item on a list can be marked as "done" or "not done". A user does this by a gesture swipe to the item either in a left or right direction. To save list data to a device it uses a sqlite database. The Database is created when the app is used for the first time. After which the app reads, writes and deletes from it.



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One of my favourite projects while working for Steven was creating this quiz. We were give lots of time and a good budget to work with to allow us to really add some polish to this project. One of the first areas I worked on was creating a 3D set that the quiz would take place in. This was then outputted as a video and the game then used this to pan to various areas of the shows set. We were also able to employ a voice over that added a quiz host voice over to the game.



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This was a small game we built for a much larger interactive website for the film "Tales of Despereaux". It gave us the chance to work with some graphics and illustrations which really helped to make what was a simple game engine become much more engaging for the end user.



Daedalus is a hub of individuals with many skills. When we don’t have the skill available in house then we source from our own network of skilled workers who are trusted and have worked with Daedalus on previous projects. That said even without sourcing from other professionals, we can still offer:

We use these skills to build things like:

Large touch screen kiosks | Digital Signage | Manufacture of interactive installations | Web apps | Games for web and smart devices | Database driven websites | CMS | API integrations (Twitter, Flickr, instagram ect) | UX development


Daedalus Media was set up by me Aidan Mack in early 2014. I have had over 10 years experience designing and developing software that’s used to create a range of interactive content for various types of business.
From a driving school (Hazard Perception) to a new Betting company (Point of Sales software) and everything in between! I have had the chance to work on projects of high profile for some of the top agencies in the UK.

I'm now at a stage in my career where I can offer my skills direct to client. Being able to interact with clients directly is one of the reasons why I set up Daedalus. That interaction is something that has been missing from my career in recent years. Daedalus gives me the breathing space to use my own imagination to come up with ideas that clients may not have thought were possible.

The experience and connections that back Daedalus means it can offer not only software development but also manufacturing. The manufacturing know how of Daedalus lends itself to use in interactive spaces and venues. For example museums, restaurants, bars, classrooms, hotels and night clubs. It is these types of projects where Daedalus really excels.



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HTML5 is the latest innovation of the mark-up language that's used to build websites. HTML5 has a much bigger emphasis on interactivity than its predecessor (html4). Previously developers relied on Adobe Flash to give sites a more interactive element, but now there's a big push towards using HTML5 instead. By and large, this is because of the popularity of mobile devices, be it mobile phones or tablets and the fact that Flash, in most cases, is not supported on these devices. This site is using some of the new features made available in HTML5.
It's not all been plain sailing though, HTML5 is in fact still in development and still suffers from the same issues that its predecessor did, one of them being Cross Browser Compatibility. Even Mark Zuckerberg made the mistake of betting too much on what HTML5 would be able to do when developing the FaceBook mobile application.

The Adobe Flash Platform is still an attractive means for creating interactive content. While developers figure out how to create various types of functionality using HTML5, its already been done and possible in Flash. Adobe are still investing heavily in the Flash platform.The latest version of Flash now boasts a 3D engine that is capable of console quality 3D games using its stage3D hardware acceleration.
Flash is also a very competitive means for creating mobile applications. Like the Corona SDK. It too can publish to multiple platforms including the Apple and Android market. One of the advantages it has over Corona is functionality that allows a developer to build native extensions for their application. This means that when Flash doesn't have the ability to interact with a certain part of the phone, the developer can write an extension in the mobile devices native language that Flash can then call.

An issue that plagues many developers is which language to learn for developing mobile applications. For Apple IOS you need to know your way round Objective-C; for Android apps Java is the primary language. Software venders have come up with languages that can be used to compile applications across multiple platforms. For example Corona which is designed specifically for mobile game developers allows a developer to develop a game once and deploy the same code to multiple platforms i.e. IOS and Android. The same can be said for Phone Gap framework. This is a HTML5 based framework that primarily is used for building apps that can then be deployed to a host of different platforms.

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